Clubhouse  Opening

For over 5 years we have rented premises in the Soweto slums to run our Clubhouse activities.  We have outgrown the place long time ago.  So in May 2005 we bought a plot in the parallel "street" in the Soweto slums - 15 meters wide facing the "street" and 20 meters long (around 310 m2), and put up a new Clubhouse here (see here for the building progress).  It was therefore with great joy we could open our new Clubhouse on 24th September 2005!

Our choir was singing.

All the children and parents from Soweto were invited, as well as our Doonholm children.  In addition to some entertainment, several local leaders were also having speeches.  We only have the opportunity to mention some of the people involved here:

Mr Benjamin Karume from ANPPCAN (African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect) delivered a speech about Children's Rights and how vital Maisha Mema now is in the fight for the protection of the children in Soweto - "Keep up the good work!"

Ms Mary Nyangige represented the Club House children in her thank you speech to Maisha Mema.  She said that it is nice to have a place they can call their own.

Mr Trond Hansen from Norway preached to us - in Kiswahili!  His emphasis was on the value of each individual child (and grownup).  God values each one of us so much that He made the ultimate offering to save us - letting his only son die for our sins.  

Mr A. S. Hoops, the Chief of Kayole location, also represented the District Officer of Embakasi Division, and talked extensively on globalisation.  The world is coming closer, and we can now talk about a Global Village that we are all a part of.

Mrs Elenah Kanyugo, headmistress of Kifaru Primary School, talked about the good relationship between the school and Maisha Mema, thanking Maisha Mema for the emphasis on learning.  In her greeting in the guest book she also thanked the sponsors, pupils and parents for pulling together for the future of the children.

Mrs Oduor (right) represented Tumaini Primary School, and delivered greetings from Mr Ellis Odawa, the headmaster of Tumaini.  She was also thanking Maisha Mema for the good relationship we have enjoyed for many years now.  With her on the picture is Ms Florence Mkala, one of Maisha Mema's workers in Soweto.

The Sister in Charge of PHC Clinic in Soweto also thanked Maisha Mema for the work they are doing in Soweto and the concern about the children's health. 

Mrs Lynette Bundi, the Children's Officer in Embakasi division, was in her speech emphasising the importance of raising the children in a good way.  She also thanked Maisha Mema for concentrating resources on the children in Soweto for the betterment of their life.  In the guest book she is writing, "I am too impressed. No more words. Keep up the good work".





The 'grand final' of the opening was the acrobatics troupe entertaining the other children, parents and guests.  It is quite impressive to watch these guys in action!

This was only some glimpse from the opening of the New Clubhouse.  The day was very successful, and we look with anticipation towards the future of Maisha Mema's work in the Soweto slums!

Our slogan is: «Help us to make a change in a child’s life!»  We sincerely believe we can do this much better by having our own centre.  In helping us realising this, you also contribute to a positive change of not only one, but many children in Kenya!


If you want to know more about this project, or have any questions, please feel free to write to us!  E-mail:


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