Clubhouse plot

before building start


When we bought the Clubhouse plot, we were first thinking that some of the structures could be used.  We quickly abandoned the thought...  The structures that were there were definitely not usable.  They occupied the wrong places, and they were stripped down to the stones: 

This is in fact the toilet that was on the plot.  It was stripped of everything useful (roof, timber, doors and door-frames), and the drop was less than a metre...

The former owner allowed somebody to have a kindergarten on the plot.  Probably it is these people who put up the structure we see below.  It had originally two rooms of similar size, but the dividing wall was taken down at some point.  Along the left back corner, the wall had split nearly from top to bottom.  Streetkids (probably) had removed everything that could be sold, like window- and doorframes (metal) and of course the roof (ironsheets, wood).

The people around our plot have now lost their clothes-lines...

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